OpenBiblio beta vs. 0.2.0

Published beta version 0.2.0. There are a lot of new features in this version, the most notable, of which, being the theme editor. The theme editor really shows off the variety of ways you can customize the OpenBiblio look and feel. Be sure to check out the demo. The following features are now incorporated into beta version 0.2.0.

* Admin Tab: library settings administration
* Admin Tab: material types list (new, edit, delete)
* Admin Tab: collections list (new, edit, delete)
* Admin Tab: theme editor (new, edit, preview, copy, delete) with 6 sample themes
* Circulation Tab: member view now includes stats
* Circulation Tab: member checkout now edits on material type checkout limits
* Cataloging Tab: bibliography search now shows icons for each material type

Posted by Dave Stevens 2002-05-14