New patch for advanced search& other features

Jack Eapen
  • Jack Eapen
    Jack Eapen

    • Tried the patch -- and perhaps I didn't now how to install it correctly but on the advance search of Title+author+subject I got fewer results than a subject search alone. 

      If others install this patch I would be interested to see their results.  I've only had the system up for about 2 weeks and would like to incorporate more into it but am learning as I go along.

      BTW -- Thank you everyone who have worked so hard on this project.


    • I have te same problem with this patch. The advanced search dont´t work: Title+author+subject  and limit by collection and materials.

      ¿Is necesary add some special query? Jack, ¿could you help us?


    • I downloaded, copied the patch and the latest BiblioSearchQuery.php to respected folders.

      I tried the patch, but there is no different between searching with "All the words" and "Any of the words".  Also, when I search with limit to particular collection, or particular type of material, the system lists all of the records instead limit to the selected collecion or type of material. 

      Is there something wrong I've made.  Would you pelase help us Jack.

      Thank you for everybody who have work hard on this project.