Mispelled word on OPAC

  • The page for searching books in OPAC has a mispelled word.  "Welcome to our library's OLINR (instead of online) public access catalog."  This is embarrasing to show on our website. 

    • I mispelled the mispelled word! :)
      The OPAC page shows "oline" instead of "OLINR." Should be "online." 

    • Micah Stetson
      Micah Stetson

      I thought I had fixed that typo long ago, but it was still there in CVS.  It's fixed now.  If you want to remove the embarrassment from your web site before the next OpenBiblio release, you can change the message in openbiblio/locale/en/opac.php.

      Thanks for reminding me about this,