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Hold Request by Member

  • Kodiak3000

    Now seven years after this request first made; I'm new to OB, and loving it, but this feature would be very helpful for me as well. When I log in to my local library's OPAC using my card number and a password, I can hold books I want to read when they are checked back in. It seems like an essential use of a ONLINE PAC. Any chance we'll see this feature any time soon? Any time at all? Thanks for a great tool!

  • Micah Stetson
    Micah Stetson

    This feature will be in 1.0 and is already mostly written. Unfortunately, none of the organizations that funded earlier versions of OpenBiblio is particularly interested in any new features.  So I don't know when it will be released.  I've been working on it every so often for the last several years, and others have helped from time to time, but there's been nobody working steadily on OpenBiblio for quite a while.