Lookup Patch v2.0.3

  • Fred LaPlante
    Fred LaPlante

    A new & hopefully improved release of Lookup is available here in the patch area as well as at my web site (www.flos-inc.com/projects).some of the changes are:

    - incorporated SRU protocall as an option to YAZ based on Dec2006 work of Ritteh.
        use of YAZ is now optional.
    - now possible to backup from a choice on a multi-hit list without haveing to do
        a new search - all data is retained at the browser.
    - added 'Lookup Settings' screen to Admin tab for most configuration options.
    - added 'Lookup Hosts' screen to Admin tab for host info maintenance.
    - removed references in install instructions to older versions.
    - major re-write in many areas; display code now in HTML/CSS/JavaScript files.
    - moved all lookup files into own new directory '.../openbiblio/lookup2'
    - improved usability by making use of AJAX technology. JavaScript is now required.
    - changes to Author or Title by user will result in new Cutter if 'AutoDewey' in effect.


    Fred LaPlante