New module for handling acquisitions

  • I would like to see this very nice work expanded with a function/module for handling acquisitions of books, serials and issue based printings (like yearly business reports, etc.). Is there any planing for this? Are there others with this requirements?

    • Joe Hagerty
      Joe Hagerty

      I am in the middle of adding this for myself right now...

      When it was raised before, the consensus was that most libraries have secondary systems for handling things like acquisitions and accounting.

      But I am my own private library so I need a system to do this... not sure at this point whether or not it will be integrated or not, openbiblio doesn't have an existing structure to allow for modules or extensions at the moment, so all changes require some kind of manual code changes.

      But email me and we can discuss some requirements and things you'd like it to do and what not.... And I can work my code towards that...