Personal use?

  • All,
    is OpenBiblio suitable for sharing personal book (and CD and DVD) collections with family and friends, track who borrowed what, self-serviced procedures for borrowing and returning?

    If not, do you have any alternative suggestions?

    Thank you


    • Answer might be yes, suitable.

      OpenBiblio allows library staff to perform the actions you specified. The solution is to add your family and friends to library members AND library staff. These are managed independently in OpenBiblio.
      * Add members:
      Tab Circulation, link: New Member
      * Staff administration:
      Tab Admin, link: Staff Admin
      There are checkboxes to authorize staff for circulation, cataloging, member administration, etc.

      Library staff have to be trusted users. OpenBiblio can track who borrowed what. But it does not log which staff member entered that information.

    • Hans,
      thank you very much

      I'll try to install it and play with it for a while


    • icyfeet

      Openbiblio would do the job but I think its a bit to much for your purpose (I use it to manage a schoolbiblio which I think has more media than a privat person). Nevertheless give it a try.

      If you are on Linux I can recommend tellico ( as an alternative.