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Some Useful Features

  • Hmmm....

    Hy, I have an idea for next release of OpenBiblio (or maybe add on):
    1. Add 'latest collection menu' and 'most popular' (like webbiblio, http://uhrc.in/uhgateway/home/index.php\)
    2. Add book picture of course (integrated).... ^_^
    3. Ability to search catalog in another database, so OpenBiblio can have multiple catalog database. This is very useful if you want many libraries catalog to be integrated only on one installation of OpenBiblio. So in the OPAC page, there is drop down list 'Search in: ' that refer to one database of library...

    OK.. It's just my suggestion... ^_^
    I hope someone can make it trully happen...

    • Ok... i think the urgent feature needed is the status of the User (active or in active).... may be it mus add on the next Openbiblio