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  • Fred LaPlante
    Fred LaPlante

    My OB, both ver 0.71 and 1.0 are running on Ubuntu 13.04 which itself is hosted by a VMware (free) installation. I have SAMBA running on that VM box as well as everything else here at home is Windows of one flavor or other and while my web server and php files are on the ubuntu box, all development is done at a windows laptop with external monitors and keyboard across the room. The web server (Apache) is right from Ubuntu, no substitutes, as is MySQL and PHP. All are latest versions I believe, maintained my regular ubuntu updates. MY OB installations all make use of YAZ to get connections to the various Z3950 repositories. In ver 0.71 this is an optional patch, but is builtin to ver 1.0. But no problem there as YAZ is available via apt-get on Ubuntu.

    There really is no documentation available for any version of OB to my knowledge and I have been playing with it nearly since it began (0.3 I think).

    My VMware shas a copy of Windows Server 2008R2 to provide DNS and DHCP as I find it so much easier to implement and maintain than BIND on Linux. So I can activate LDAP and Active Directory there if needed, though that will require promoting it to a PDC - ugh!!. Have never found any use for either before.

    I will have to read over Samba's AD & LDAP solution, but the holidays have me tied up on some wood-working matters so it will have to be after holiday season. And I agree with you on double administration; it has always ben a no - no to me and I will go to some extremes to avoid double entry of anything in databases. My feeling is if there are two sets, likely both are only partially right and no-one knows which is right.

    Fred LaPlante