Localization(s) of OpenBiblio

  • Rob Bosch
    Rob Bosch

    Hi all OpenBiblio users,

    I just found out about OpenBiblio. I am currently looking for a library system that can run on an Ubuntu server with Apache and mysql installed.

    I am currently in Senegal, Africa where I installed an ict infrastructure on a secondairy school. Since Senegal is a French speaking country I am looking for a French Localization of OpenBiblio, or a way to translate the strings in OpenBiblio in French so the translation can be imported.

    Can anyone help me with the translation?
    Is there a way of translating the strings into French?
    Are there any other languagefiles? (maybe Dutch, since that is my mothertongue, it might be easier to translate from Dutch to French for me)

    Is there a translation website for openbiblio?

    And another question: is there an option to connect Openbiblio to OpenLDAP or Active Directory? It would be a pity if a double administration of students is necessary...

    thanks a lot for any help.