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  • I am the tech director at an elementary school which uses a Follett product in the library.  It is one of the older products that requires installation of an agent on each workstation, and I would like to migrate the school to something web-based such as Openbiblio.  It would really be much easier to support.  I am wondering if I get Openbiblio installed on a server, how do I import the data from the Follett Faircom server?  Thanks.

    • i think, easiest you compare your columns with them of openbiblio's database, export your data and import them into the matching colums of the mysql database. You should use a database menagement tool like phpmyadmin

      • Or, even easier, if Follett has a way of exporting records in a marc format, OpenBiblio can import the marc records.  Other information such as users, copies etc I am not sure about since I have not use the follett program.


    • Tim Wentz
      Tim Wentz

      I just tried exporting from Follett and doing a USMARC import into OpenBiblio.

      The title records went in but OpenBiblio doesn't understand the copy information in the 852 tags. It leaves them in the record rather than converting them to copy records.

      OpenBiblio doesn't seem to be capable of taking data from another system yet.



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