Custom MARC field not being displayed

  • Rituraj Sharma
    Rituraj Sharma

    We have recently deployed OPENbiblio in our organisational library. We have already entered close to 300 entries in the software. I had added a custom MARC field- "Universal Decimal Classification number " from the admin page. It worked perfectly for the first 250 odd entries. However, of late whenever I create a "new bibliography", the custom field doesn't show up, but it is there when I try to edit earlier entries.

    Edit: As a matter of fact, no custom MARC fields are displayed when I click on 'New Bibliography'. Those fields show up only when I click on 'Edit Basic'.

    Suggestions highly solicited.


    P.S- We are using Openbiblio 0.7.1

    Last edit: Rituraj Sharma 2014-02-07
  • When JavaScript is turned off, Custom MARC fields do not show on the New Bibliography page, until you try to submit the page.



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