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  • Arash

    Hi guys,
    I made a connector and updated table biblio, biblio_copy and biblio_field  with my data. I use JD4395 as an example barcode here. Now when i search onder tab Cataloging with barcode JD4395 -> I get the right information(Copy Barcode: JD4395 Status: checked in). But when i use the same barcode under Circulation tab->Bibliography Check Out it gives me the error message: Barcode Number: No bibliography was found with that barcode number!
    So I dicided to check the data through phpmyadmin and funny thing is when i run this query: SELECT * FROM `biblio_copy` WHERE `barcode_nmbr` = 'JD4395'  I get this message: MySQL returned an empty result set (i.e. zero rows). ( Query took 0.0005 sec ). So the database says the data is not here but how can i find the right data through tab Cataloging!!? It means that the data should be somewhere. I checkt all tables biblio, biblio_copy and biblio_field but couldn't find any info regarding this issue!!   I hope somebody can give me a hint.
    Thank you


  • The query in Check Out is more or less identical to the query in your message.

    Searchquery in Cataloging looks something like this:

    SELECT * FROM `biblio_copy` WHERE `barcode_nmbr` like '%JD4395%'

    I would not be surprised if this query in phpmyadmin returns the result you were expecting.
    If that is correct, than you should check if the barcode in the biblio_copy table is really identical to JD4395.
    Perhaps your connector appended characters that are not visible in OpenBiblio's interface (spaces?).



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