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Hungarian translation+Xampp+OpenBiblio+Lookup

Inka Inka
  • Inka Inka
    Inka Inka

    <embed src="http://www.box.net//static/flash/box_explorer.swf?widget_hash=88938mfjen&v=0&cl=0" width="380" height="220" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed><br/><br/>
    Dear Openbiblio users I would like to share a couple of things that I prepared for a school library.

    You should probably see three files above:<br/>
    - <b>hu.zip</b> is a hungarian translation for Openbiblio version 0.6.1. It is <b>not</b> complete, but most of the frequently used features are translated . The errors and the reports page are mostly not translated, nor the help pages (at 17.09.2009). But I`ll try to improve the translation when I have time (I put version 0.1, so you could know when its updated). <br/>
    Extract the files to to the openbiblio/locale directory!<br/><br/>

    <b>od_db_hung.zip</b>: because Openbiblio uses some descriptions directly from the database, and the above translation can not translate these (mostly in cataloging), the two php files in this zip will translate also some of the frequently used words to <b>hungarian</b>. Ex.: title=cím, author=szerző.<br/>
    <b>Please note that this is an irreversible translation and you will not be able to switch back to english or other language if you perform it (this is only for these descriptions, not the above translation, you can still switch those).</b> So I recommend using it only if you would like to use the hungarian translation only.<br/>
    Every data (database, user, password…) is completed in the form for you, you just need to push the button if you haven`t modified anything.<br/><br/>

    <b>openbiblio.exe</b> its an installer, that downloads an Openbiblio package directly from my website and installs it where you want it.
    The installer also puts a couple of shortcuts to you desktop.<br/>
    The package contains the following:<br/>
    - <b>Xampp Lite for Windows Version 1.7.1</b>: which has Apache webserver, PHP server, MySQL server.<br/>(the newest version of xampp does not work correctly with openbiblio 0.6.1)<br/>
    - <b>Openbiblio 0.6.1</b> - fully configured! You just need to log in as administrator with: Admin/admin<br/>
    - <b>Lookup2</b> - configured and working (might not work where some port are restricted)<br/>
    - <b>Backup utility </b>- save or restore you database with a couple of clicks! (MySql Php Backup Version 2.1 © 2004 by AB Webservices) Do not select the Cutter table (if you have one) from the Openiblio database or it will not work. <br/>Every data (database, user, password…) is completed in the form for you, you just need to push the button if you haven`t modified anything.<br/><br/>
    I think thats it, hopefully somebody will be able to use these :)



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