Display patron information on barcode lookup

  • Steve Populo
    Steve Populo

    I am using OpenBiblio to track textbooks isuused to students.  Does anyone have any coding ideas on how to have the partron information appear when doing a search by barcode?  It would be helpful for us to have that information when students leave a book in the classroom to look up who is assigned that particular book.

    • Consider following method which doesn't require program changes:
      Tab Reports, Report List, Bibliography Checkout Listing

      If you would like to have this functionality in tab Cataloging (/catalog/index.php) you'll have to make quite some changes. And you introduce a new problem because OPAC users also will be able to see member information for checked out books. This is because OPAC and Cataloging tab share some program files.

      • Micah Stetson
        Micah Stetson

        Actually, it wouldn't be hard to make the info invisible to OPAC users.  If you are in the OPAC, the global $tab is set to 'opac', so you can just make the display of patron info conditional on $tab not being 'opac'.

        I think what I would do, though, is to edit the copy display in shared/biblio_view.php.  It's already conditional on $tab being 'cataloging', so it doesn't appear in the OPAC.  Just add a new column to the table with the mbrid of the patron the copy is out to and make that ID a link to the patron's page in the circ tab (../circ/mbr_view.php?mbrid=$id).  In fact, this doesn't even require a new query.  You can get the id from $copy with $copy->getMbrid().  It's so easy, I'm not sure why we don't do it already.


        • Indeed not hard at all if you add the new column at the right place. I should have looked at the code in shared/biblio_view.php before typing my answer.

          So in biblio_view.php from 0.50 file release the new column should start after line 292, just after the column which contains Del function.



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