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Adding subject subfields

  • How do I add 650 subfields so they search in the subject search? I can see how to add MARC data via MARC edit and add, for example, the subfield z but it is added to the record separately from the subfield a. Is this correct?

    • Unfortunately you are correct, for OpenBiblio 0.6.x and older releases:
      * 650 subfield a is in MySQL table 'biblio', its structure allows to save 5 subject entries for a bibliography ("biblio.topic1","biblio.topic2","biblio.topic3","biblio.topic4","biblio.topic5").
      * A subject search searches the topic fields listed above in table 'biblio'.
      * 650 subfield z (and most other MARC fields) is in MySQL table 'biblio_field' and not searched by subject search.

      Good news:
      OpenBiblio 1.0 will have all MARC fields searchable, says the roadmap;

      Even better news:
      A lot of work, for example the MARC compliant database design, has been done already.

      The developer says your support is welcome:



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