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Lookup problem

  • Hi Fred,

    I'm really thankful for your lookup feature. It will really help us out in our small school library. After some issues with getting the right versions of yaz.dll and php_yaz.dll, I've been able to get the lookup feature to work marvelously with one exception:

    After getting the biblio data from loc, the Add New Bibliography fields are nicely filled out. However, when I click submit the browser (ie 7) displays:

    "The resource cannot be displayed
    The resource you are looking for cannot be opened by your browser."

    Yet if I do a biblio search the record is there and all the loc data is present. When I try to enter the same data manually (ie from the New Bibliography link in the nav bar) I get the same problem. Could this be related to the changes I made to the .php files when installing Lookup or is this more generic to openbiblio?

    Also in your install instructions you state:

    7. If you would like to have the "new copy" form automatically appear when finished
       adding new bibliographic data:
        a. locate the line containing "../shared/biblio_view.php"

        b. replace it with the following
      #*  Must select one of the following lines
      //------following line requires manual access to new copy form (original function)
      //v0.5.1-------header("Location: ../shared/biblio_view.php?bibid=".$bibid."&msg=".$msg);
      //v0.5.2pre4---header("Location: ../shared/biblio_view.php?bibid=".U($bibid)."&msg=".U($msg));
      //v0.5.2-------header("Location: ../shared/biblio_view.php?bibid=".U($bibid)."&msg=".U($msg));
      //------following line auto transfers to new copy form (new function)
      header("Location: ../catalog/biblio_copy_new_form.php?bibid=".$bibid."&msg=".$msg);

    Am I correct to assume that these are made in the file "catalog/biblio_new.php" ?
    By the way, I intially made these changes but restored them to the original when I noticed this new biblio problem but the problem persists.

    Apache 2.2.3
    PHP 5.1.5 (yaz.dll, php_yaz.dll, compiled with yaz 2.0.19)
    Mysql 5.0.24
    OS: Win Server 2003 SP1

    Thanks for your help!

    Olaf Clausen
    Lillooet, BC, Canada

    • Fred LaPlante
      Fred LaPlante

      Aghhh!!!  You are going to force me to get a copy of IE7?  I only have XP on my laptop here.  All other machines I have run Win2000.  And MS in its wisdom wont provide IE7 for anything but XP2.

      Lookup is running fine with LOC on IE6 and all versions of FireFox.  Perhaps you'd like to try that until I get around to getting a copy of IE7 installed and work out whatever problems there may be.

      Currently I am up to my eyeballs on a PHP-based municipal accounting system and year end is rapidly approaching as the weather keeps reminding me.  So I am not sure when I will get to the issue.  Bug me again in a week or two if I dont reply sooner.

      Fred LaPlante
      Mercer, ME, USA

      • All I get is

        trying 1 host(s)
        using host: U.S. Library of Congress

        Where was I wrong?

        OpenBiblio 0.5.2


        yaz.dll in system32

        FireFox with updated IE Tab
        Internet Explorer 6.0


        Paul H.

        • I have that problem!!! Can you fix it? How?

        • S_Vassallo

          for me, all this troumbles look like a yaz problem...

          maybe using yaz3 will help

  • hey there! thanks for all the posts, it got me some steps farther in installing OpenBiblio and the lookup2 plugin. It's looking pretty good, my I still have a problem. I get all the way to the on-line search form, enter an ISBN and hit search. right now i'm using the LoC entry from the host list and the SRU protocol. now when the search begins, i see the "be patient" hint. and i tell you, i AM patient :) but nothing ever happens. i get no new screen, no hint what could have gone wrong, nothing. do you have an idea what i could do better?

    i am using debian, apache2, phpmyadmin, php 5 and mysql. for browsing it is firefox 3.5.7. i am also using the newest OpenBiblio version and lookup 2009-09-08.

    do i actually need username and password for the LoC or the other hosts on the list?

    thanks for your help,