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Add more search fields/possibilities?

  • Marie

    I would like to modify (add) search fields. How would I go about adding the possibility to search for "series" for instance? Which files need to be modified?

    Also, is there a possibility to change the code so that all fields are visible at once instead of a drop down list? How would I go about that? Even if it would be impossible to combine the searches, it would still be a big improvment.

    Sr Marie

  • Hello again,

    I have come some way to add title remainder to the title search and to add callno and barcodenumber searches thanks to the info here:


    But I am stuck when trying to add a "ISBN/ISSN" search and a "series" search in classes/BiblioSeachQuery.

    1. What is the syntax to add ONE search for both field 020a AND 022a?

    2. The other one is field 490a (series statement). I can't figure out how to do this. I suppose I have to specify the subfiled… How to I do that?

    This does not work:

    elseif ($type == OBIB_SEARCH_SERIES) {
    $criteria = $this->_getCriteria(array("biblio_field.tag='490' "),$words);

    Sr M

  • I'm not saying that it's impossible to enhance the catalog for 0.6.x and 0.7 like this, but would it be worth the trouble?

    In my opinion the focus for development should be with 1.0, because it's important to overcome the limitations of the database design of older versions. The database queries for 1.0 are different, and what you are asking is already implemented in obiblio-10-wip or would require only minor changes. The changes I've prepared for 0.7.0 in my repository should be seen as modest proposals to make this intermediate version a little more usable.

    I don't know if updating your 0.7.0 to obiblio-10-wip is an option. Perhaps you can experiment with your local install, but you should be aware that there are many differences all over the program and many more changes will have to be made.

    Meanwhile, while working with 0.7.0 or 0.6.x, library staff can use a report instead to query the biblio_field table. I've written several reports for 0.6.x that can do this, and these are compatible with 0.7.0:

    Another option would be to try to change the OPAC so that it works like is implemented in obiblio-10-wip. I don't think someone has ever tried that. There is a disadvantage: almost all queries would have to be rewritten and all this work would be useless for 1.0.

  • Marie


    OK. I have already tried Fred LaPlante's and Luuk's wip versions but I like the 0.7.0 interface better so far (not the functions of course). I find it much more user friendly: simpler and more intuitive. Are there other wip versions with a similar layout as 0.6.x/0.7.0 available that I might check out? Perhaps that is not a priority? Any suggestions are welcome…

    I would still be happy to know the solution to my syntax question if some one knows how to do it. It is supposed to be a christmas gift for my sisters :)

    Sr M

  • ayryq

    I'm going to be vague since I'm away from my home computer, but I found a way to do this in 0.61. I found on this site a patch to search "all" (i.e. title, author, and subject). I found it rather easy to extend this code to also search series and alternate title. I am not able to search for ONLY series, but when I do an "all" search it finds matches in series as well as other locations. This works for me because I have a relatively small home library. You can try it at http://ericandchar.com/openbiblio/opac/index.php but I can't be more specific with code and links until I'm back at home in a week or so.

  • and change the "criteria" line below to the following:

         $criteria = $this->_getCriteria(array("biblio.title","biblio_field.field_data"),$words);


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