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Installation OpenBiblio using XAMPP

  • vimal0212

    Dear Friends,

    I just created a manual for the installation of OpenBiblio using XAMPP.
    I request you to go through the manual and give feed back for the improvement.

    You can access the maul from here,

    • Fred LaPlante
      Fred LaPlante

      Good work!  I like it.

      Fred LaPlante

  • nice. but i have a problem - when i click on the admin tab, it asks for a username and password. i use the ones i created for the database, but it says invalid signon. what did i do wrong?

    and also, ereg was deprecated so i updated it with the new function.

  •  bene

    use username: admin
    password: admin

  • Suggest you re-read the installation instructions for OpenBiblio.  The database id & pw are to be placesd into a db definition file in the Openbiblio root folder.  The Instructions should tell you the default startup id & pw for the system. You may want to change them after you get it all running.

    Fred LaPlante