Changing the reports column width

  • Hi,

    When generating reports, I am able to change the paper size, but how could i change the width of a column, because if the book title is long, it is being cropped...

    Thanks in advance,

    • Peter Bowers
      Peter Bowers

      What version of openbiblio are you using?  Which report specifically so you can get specific information?

  • I have the same problem. I want to get a list in which the long names dont be cropped, but splitted and shown in the next line, kind of like a word table.
    Any help?

  • (Sorry for splitting my message)
    Of course Im asking about how to modify the Lay.php.
    I guess everything depends on the "makeFit($dim)" function, but it only has a return statement :S so Im very confused…

  • I'm not sure modifying lay.php is the way to go. This is what I did for customizing labels for books, a similar approach might work for making a custom pdf report layout: (change labels into list)

    Copy /layouts/default/labels.php to /layouts/labels.php

    In the report add following line:

        .layout labels title="My label"

    Edit /layouts/labels.php

    /classes/Lay.php and /classes/PDF.php are documented and contain useful information.



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