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  • datroubler

    Hello! We have an old Biblio System here in the university and I would like to update it. I have no admin passwords so I'll try to overwrite the old system ( anything I should know about it?).  Can I just "copy & paste" the old database (OpenBiblio version 0.5.0 database version 0.4.0) to the newer version or   are there any issues concerning the migration?
    Next thing I would like to ask is if there is any possibility to get a message if someone forgot to return his book or to send him an automated mail.
    At the moment I can't use the scanner for the ISBN because there is now "ISBN Search" field. Can I add such a field if I have full Admin access?

  • 1 What you should know about updating OpenBiblio 0.5.0 to 0.6.1: read install_instructions.html that is in the release file. There is a section about updating OpenBiblio from a previous version. Before you start updating, make sure you have an up-to-date backup of the OpenBiblio database (step 4, you'll need access to the MySQL database server and you might want to use something like PHPMyAdmin). When you run install, the upgrade script will convert the 0.4.0 database to the newer version. When the old database version is 0.4.0, all OpenBiblio staff passwords (including admin) are reset to the corresponding usernames. So, if your admin password problem is with the OpenBiblio admin password, that issue will be solved automatically!.
    2 Known issues with upgrading? Not with stock OpenBiblio, as it was released. Are you sure no patches were applied that changed the database structure? And don't use MySQL 5.5. for OpenBiblio 0.7.0 or lower.
    3 Overdue items: access the Reports tab,  follow link to "Over Due Member List", Submit. From the results of this report you can print overdue letters.
    4 No, even when you do have the OpenBiblio admin password you can't add a search field using the OpenBiblio web interface. But you can test drive the new keyword search feature that I have developed. It will accept a scanned ISBN. More about this is in the message linked below. It's not an official release, so it's not recommended for production systems.

  • datroubler

    Sorry for my triplepost:
    now i used this instruction:
    I arrived at step 6 and the installer recognized that i have an old database:
    "It looks like we need to update database version 0.4.0 to version 0.6.0:"

    After pressing "update", the following message ocurred:

    "Deprecated: Function set_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated in C:\x\xampp\htdocs\openbiblio\shared\common.php on line 24

    OpenBiblio Upgrade:
    Updating OpenBiblio tables, please wait…
    Database Query Error - You've Probably Found a Bug
    Database query failed

    Please give all the information on this page to your support personnel.

    Query alter table biblio_copy add renewal_count tinyint unsigned not null default 0 after mbrid failed. The DBMS said this:

    Duplicate column name 'renewal_count'

    Debug Backtrace (most recent call first):

    C:\x\xampp\htdocs\openbiblio\classes\Error.php:100 FatalHandler->printBackTrace()
    C:\x\xampp\htdocs\openbiblio\classes\Error.php:68 FatalHandler->dbError('alter table biblio_copy add renewal_count tinyint unsigned not null default 0 after mbrid ', 'Database query failed', 'Duplicate column name \'renewal_count\'')
    C:\x\xampp\htdocs\openbiblio\classes\Query.php:91 Fatal->dbError('alter table biblio_copy add renewal_count tinyint unsigned not null default 0 after mbrid ', 'Database query failed', 'Duplicate column name \'renewal_count\'')
    C:\x\xampp\htdocs\openbiblio\classes\Query.php:266 Query->_act('alter table biblio_copy add renewal_count tinyint unsigned not null default 0 after mbrid ')
    C:\x\xampp\htdocs\openbiblio\classes\Query.php:271 Query->_exec('alter table biblio_copy add renewal_count tinyint unsigned not null default 0 after mbrid ')
    C:\x\xampp\htdocs\openbiblio\classes\UpgradeQuery.php:256 Query->exec('alter table biblio_copy add renewal_count tinyint unsigned not null default 0 after mbrid ')
    C:\x\xampp\htdocs\openbiblio\classes\UpgradeQuery.php:64 UpgradeQuery->_upgrade040_e('', 'obiblio_upgrade_')
    C:\x\xampp\htdocs\openbiblio\install\update.php:23 UpgradeQuery->performUpgrade_e()

  • Renewal was added in 0.5.2

    You said your database version was 0.4.0 => looks like renewal was added as a separate patch, the version you are trying to upgrade is not stock OpenBiblio, not an original release. This causes the failure in the upgrade script.

    So what to do now?

    If they version you are trying to upgrade is from … you might ask there for a fix.

    Or you can try to run install again, after restoring the database backup and manually removing the changes made by the renewal patch. There aren't instructions in detail about this. If you find a fix, you can be the first to share youre experience on the OpenBiblio wiki

  • I used the official 0.6.1

    I assumed that you want to upgrade to OpenBiblio 0.6.1. Right?

    The problem is in the database structure of the old version you are using, as described in your first message. Can you investigate how did that get changed to a structure that is different from the original OpenBiblio 0.4.0 database structure?

  • datroubler

    i can't investigate it because the person who established the old system isn't here anymore ;)

  • Someone might be able to solve these problems with upgrading. I think that's a job for an expert, or at least someone willing to learn a lot about OpenBiblio, because this person needs:
    * MySQL skills
    * Ability to understand OpenBiblio's install / upgrade scripts (PHP)
    * (preferably) knowledge of OpenBiblio's table structure
    * (preferably) knowledge of OpenBiblio's development history
    * Access to the backup of OpenBiblio's database (see 1 in my first post in this discussion). Perhaps just the table structure, possibly data too.

  • psuarz

    I made that upgrade for my library time ago. If you access access to the xampp server I can help you with this upgrade. I'll send you a msg.

  • datroubler

    Is it possible to define another time period for different users? (e.g. a teacher should be allowed to take the book for 14 days and a pupil just for 7 days) And if yes where do I find this option?

  • Days Due Back: only for collections.

    Semi-automatic alternatives:
    * Library staff can use renewal and offer this as a service only to a particular member type.
    * OpenBiblio 0.7: Bibliography Check Out form has a new option "Override Due Date".
    Unfortunately, there are issues in 0.7. I would not recommended it for production use.
    The good news that there are fixes available for the issues, still not recommended for production use though.

    Test drive the new version



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