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  • I'm using OpenBiblio in a school library and was wondering how to input multiple books with the same barcode.  I don't have a system in place where I can print off my own; instead, I'm using the barcode that is on the back of the book.  This causes a problem, however, when I run across multiple copies of a book with the exact same barcode.  Any ideas or easy solutions?

    • Fred LaPlante
      Fred LaPlante

      I'm certainly the last word on openBiblio matters, but I have dabbled in various parts from time to time.

      The barcode does not refer to a title, but  a specific physical item in the catalog.  As sush, it can not be duplicated. The concept as I understand it is that each copy of the title has its own identity (the barcode). Perhaps you are confusing it with the ISBN or UPC codes sometimes place on the book jacket by the publisher or vendor. You can't use that barcode for the copy identity.

      The small library in our town simply writes an id code in pencil inside the front cover and provides that as the 'barcode'.  But you can use the barcode that OpenBiblio offers to auto-generate whenever you create a new copy of a title. That is what I do in my small 1200 volume library at home.

      Fred LaPlante



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