Change Money Format

  • MASG

    Good morning,
    I'm trying to translate the application OpenBiblio to Portuguese of Portugal, having already done much of the same.
    I want to change the currency to Euros, where and how can I do.

    best regards

  • Try renaming the /locale/pt/ directory to /locale/pt_PT
    Then to Admin, Library settings and save the settings (without making changes).

  • MASG

    I make the your proposal sugesttion.
    But i´t keeps the same.
    I't shows money format in Dolar's.

  • Saldanha

    Hi mgamelas,

    The Brazilian (pt_BR) translation had stopped on the 0.6 version, and I was thinking to update to the current version. It would be great if I could use your translation as a start point. What do you think? Naturally, all your work will be mentioned and recognized.

  • It wouldn't be right to define the currency symbol in the translations strings, because that would interfere with a user controlled language switcher (that we do not have yet). So our code sets the currency symbol based on information from PHP setlocale. This doesn't always get the correct results for every operating system. I guess we could need a more universal mechanism, but this is not high on our list of priorities.

    Because of the above, every user of an OpenBiblio translation can experience problems with the currency symbol. Here is a more complete list of options to get it right for your system:

    Windows: try "prt" or "portugal"

    Linux: open a terminal window and run command

    locale -a

    This will show the names of available locales. The required locale might not be installed.

    As a last resort you can force the currency symbol by changing the source code
    Sometimes you also have disable the line above that says $currencySymbol = $localeInfo;

  • MASG

    Thanks infinite-mnkz,

    i have changed the corrency symbol changing it in the code.

  • Almost sounds like a statement: Portuguese prefer Euro, hardcoded ;-)