ObexTool patch 0.31.2

  • This patch solves the "path_exists" problem for Siemens C65.
    It's also a replacement for the patch 0.31.1 as it includes both changes.
    Usage: Download the patch from: http://www.tech-edv.co.at/vcms/upload/obexpatch-0.31.2.tgz
    Save the current version of the files $OBEXTOOL/lib/obexfile.tcl and $OBEXTOOL/lib/obextree.tcl - they will be overwritten by this procedure.
    Unpack obexpatch-0.31.2.tgz in the ObexTool main directory - eg:
      cd $OBEXTOOL
      tar -xzvf obexpatch-0.31.2.tgz
    Warning: the existing files lib/obexfile.tcl and lib/obextree.tcl will be overwritten!
    Restart ObexTool...