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Fix required for old Acatel phone (ELLE No1)

  • David


    on my Ubuntu 8.04 system, the only programm that can download files from my girlfriend's old Alcatel Phone is 'obexftp'.  Unfortunately the 'obextool' included with Ubuntu does call obexftp in a way that is incompatible with that phone :(. 

    After some debugging it looks like obextool allways passes an argument to the --list option, such as 'obxftp --list "/"'.  If I omit the "/" parameter, the listing actually works.  Unfortunately there is no config file switch to omit the trailing argument.  Only thing I can do is to disable generation of trailing slashes, in which case obexftp is called as 'obexftp --list ""'.  This also does not work.

    So after some tinkering I wrote a 'obexftp' wrapper script that removes empty arguments to the '--list' option in calling obexftp, and finally I can now browse the phone's file system.  The obextool config files I used can be found here:

    The wrapper scripts required to make it work are here:

    Note that for everything to work, you _have_ to ' set ObexConfig(config,add_lslash) "" ' in your config file.

    Would be nice if somebody could implement a patch that allowed dropping of the argument to --list by a config file option.