iso 8859-1 support

  • jotape

    Hi! the program is great. i discovered it a few days ago, and quickly i discovered a "bug"...

    when i try to read a directory with accents, like Imágenes.. the program loads the root content in the subdirectory.. i checked the source code, did some tests, and i determined that the problem is the utf-8 character encoding. I tried the obexftp -b (addr) -l Imágenes command and i noticed that obexftp lists the directory only when i writes in 8859-1 charset.

    So the question is.. can you make an option to choose the character encoding? is possible? java permits it? i tried to change the source code, but my attempts were useless.

    thank you, and sorry for my english

    • Hell, you're right! :) It works when we adjust the charset to ISO-8859-1.

      The problem is that I don't know if will be possible to use this trick to solve the problem since Java is uses unicode by default.