• Im not sure if my work with openbexi will work, because I dont know if the Sitelinks like Home, News etc. will function proberly if they are uploaded on a server. When i go inside the instrument field on the left side and click on the button Link editieren then a field appears Insert URL. i don`t know if it is necessary to type http://Home.html etc. Additionally in the Statusline of the IE appears javascript.void.
    My Question is how i have to set the Sitelinks correct. I hope anyone has a answer.
    MfG Michael

    • http://Home.html cannot works, but it is not related to OPENBEXI issues.
      You can just set a relative path: Home.html or a full path with your domain name http://<domain name>/Home.html
      The most useful URL path is the relative path. Relative URL's help in web site maintenance and you can do full testing from the the preview feature of OPENBEXI.
      When you set the Home.html on the site link you have to properly install the page at the righ place. It depends on your server configuration.
      You can use the OPENBEXI publish feature to do that. Select your page, Click on the publish button when you page is done. From the Sftp Explorer menu you have to provide the "host" or IP adress, the user name, the password and you have a field "path". If you don't set up the field, your Home.htmt should go the your defailt (root) home directory. Ask to your Web site provider to provide all information to publish your page fron OPENBEXI (hostname or IP, user, passwd and path (if any).

    • Arcazj

      The next version OPEN BEXI (1.4.2 or 1.5) version is comming and will better manage the hyperlink (or "Sitelinks")feature.
      For now in the current version if you type directly "home.html" from the link editor you will be able to test your page in local or preview mode, but "home.html must be created by OPEN bexi and you must not move the created page from the "OPEN BEXI" directory to another directory.
      If you want to get your page working from your production site you must type <http://www.<domainname>.com/<pagename>.html from the link editor. Ex:
      The problem with the second way is that you will not be able to test your page from preview mode except if the page already exist in production.
      The future version should be able to deal with the "preview mode" and the production mode.

      Jean-Christophe Arcaz

    • Thanks Mr.Arcaz!
      I hope it will work because my english is not bad but not so good at all. But i think i have understand what you mean.
      MfG Michael Stadler



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