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Is Nyquist OK for algorithmic MIDI music?

  • Hibou57

    Hi all people out there,

    Seeking for a standard LISP based language for algorithmic music, I would like to know if Nyquist is relevant in that matter.

    I did not see anything to send MIDI events using Nyquist, which seems to be able to read MIDI files thought. But I may be wrong, and prefer to ask for it: is Nyquist well suited for algorithmic MIDI music? Whether the answer is Yes or No, please, let me know.

    Have an happy day :)

  • Nyquist is good for algorithmic MIDI music if you restrict input/output to standard MIDI files. Nyquist does not play MIDI directly. I've also used Nyquist to output MIDI files that I import into Finale -- if you keep the note times quantized, the translation to notation is at least a good starting point for creating music notation.