Unqualified document/literal WSDL

elmer fudd
  • elmer fudd
    elmer fudd

    Is this possible to create document/literal wsdl with elementFormDefault set to unqualified? During code inspection I found elementFormDefault  is set always to "qualified" for document style wsdl with following code:

    if ($style == 'document') {
                $this->wsdl->schemas[$schemaTargetNamespace][0]->schemaInfo['elementFormDefault'] = 'qualified';

    It's a serious problem for me - I've received prepared wsdl with specification of function I should expose through soap, This wsdl has elementFormDefault  set to unqualified. I decided I decided to ignore it but unfortunately there is a catch - it looks like client has already generated stub classes from this wsdl he has given me and he can't unserialize response from my nusoap server (this is quite obvious - returned response has default namespace set on root response element - it's perfect qualified response :)). The worst is I can't force client to generate new stubs for my function calls - this is a large application with many customers integrated with them and  they deny any changes on their side.
    Is there any smart solution instead of manually generating response xml from my function?