help please i cant change the structure

  • Gareth Brown
    Gareth Brown

    Sorry if this is dumb, but I'm new to nuSoap and have been trying to find the answer online for a day or so.

    I have created a soap server, and set it to return 2 strings

    That works fine

    When I add another string, it doesn't seem to make the change and return 3 results, instead it just returns the original 2 results

    if I take the program add another string, and put it on a totally new server I get the three results but can't add any more

    any changes I make to the values happen as soon as i upload the new copy of the server


    Does nuSpoap/PHP/apache/php somehow cache "the object framework" and if so, how can you clear it (i tried restarting apache)

    does any of this make sense?