NuSOAP server question

Dennis N
  • Dennis N
    Dennis N

    I am not understanding how to set up a NuSOAP server instance.  I have been able to use the examples of ISBN lookups, price quote look ups, etc.  All of these examples only have one, maybe two arguments in the function.  I am in need of creating a web service that will create a new user account in my application.  I am struggling with the thought of having 30 - 50 arguments in my function call.  Surely that cannot be right....  And even then, what if one of the potential arguments was unbounded in nature.  How could i hard code a function call?  Any examples of NuSOAP server code would be appreciated as I need to understand this quite quickly...


    • Aaron Kreider
      Aaron Kreider

      I'd create an object.

      Store all your arguments in the object (or several objects if you like).

      Convert the object into an array.

      Serialize the array.  Then send that.

      That's what I do for the POST array.  This allows you to add arguments in the future without having to change your function calls.