help with base64binary and base64Binary

  • HollmanLP

    Hello forumers.

    I have an inconvenience. I'm doing a web service NuSOAP-0.9.5, there is a method (@ server) that receives the body of the file encode in base64 (sent by the client) and the servicio fully decoded & save it. If declare the variable:

        1. xsd: base64binary => one php web service client can use it without problems, and later upload the file decoded perfect … but a java client does not know that base64binary.
        2. xsd: base64Binary => the same client php (and the same method) fail to function properly. Upload file but with 0kb or 1kb and the Java client can recognize it.
        3. xsd: string => Both clients work correctly.

    Do you understand this behavior? I would not use the 3rd way because the correct should be the 2nd.

    I appreciate your time and the answer provided.