Nusoap and czech "datove schranky"

  • Martin Hinner
    Martin Hinner

    Czech government recently launched new service for delivering letters.  The service is working only on MS-Windows, however WS access is provided. I have created simple application that can work with that, but several modifications to nusoap were necessary. Please consider including them in your package:

    (three important changes: introduced maxtries variable to increase non-200 retry count, implemented automatic cookie acceptance and I have also uncommented code to use ssl socket for https - this should be handled using some variable to force socket mode, not curl).

    Also nusoap is not able to load wsdl files from (there is a lot of Czech documents, but also wsdl files).  Problem is with this include tag:

        <xs:schema targetNamespace="">
          <xs:include schemaLocation="dmBaseTypes.xsd" />

    I have temporarily fixed this by manually inserting this file. This should be fixed.