nusoap_client::$operation not defined


  • Anonymous


    I have been using nusoap for a few years now and it's been great.  I just upgraded from 0.7.2 to the latest 0.9.5 and there was only a change required: The classname I call changed from mysoapclient to nusoap_client

    That was very painless and I'm very happy to say I'm glad I upgraded.

    My use is very straightforward - in fact I inherited some of this code so I'm not even sure I'm using nusoap in the right way, however it is working:

    $client = new nusoap_client( WSDL, true);
    $response = $client->send($xml_send, 'SendSMS' );

    Alas, there was one minor warning message that was upsetting my program…  a $operation variable missing from the nusoap_client.  I was able to correct this by adding the following line to the definitions at the beginning of the nusoap_client class:

    var $operation = '';

    Thanks for the nusoap library - I really appreciate it.