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Test Infragistics Controls

  • Simone Schmidt
    Simone Schmidt


    I'm new to NUnitForms and trying to test some Infragistics controls like UltraGrid and UltraTree. With the information in this forum I managed to create a tester and a recorder for the grid but I ran into some problems and had to make several additional changes. Is it right that I have to write complete testers and recorders for these controls and their events? I added a method for the KeyPress event to my gridRecorder and it can be recorded, but not replayed. Do I have to make other changes to replay the tests?

    In some threads (e.g. How to test datagrids using nunitforms?) I read about testing Infragistics controls using ControlTester like:

    ControlTester gridTester = new ControlTester("grid");
    DataGrid grid = (UltraGrid) gridTester.Control;

    This way I am able to get the grid and look at its properties but how can I do something like doubleClickCell?

    Is there no other simple method to test Infragistics controls?

    Thanks for your help in advance.


    • Juan Tripode
      Juan Tripode

      I was using NUnitForms for test Janus controls and I have to re-write severals class of NUnitForms.
      I was testing a Janus GridEx, if you are interested I can give you some class that I did.

      I hope that this will be useful for you.

      (Excuseme for my english I´m from  Argentina).


    • Richard  Slade
      Richard Slade


      I'd like to test some Telerik controls with NUNIT Forms. Would you mind sending me any classes that you have to test other controls that are not derived from Windows controls so i can alter them for the Telerik ones please?

      my email is richard_slade_1@yahoo.co.uk

      Many thanks