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Module Basics


null nuke includes a module template to install....

Module configuration files in folder ./modules/ contain the following entries

<admin_menu>New Module Template</admin_menu> //display name for module on active module administration menu
<admin_weight>7</admin_weight> //weight to be sorted on active module administration menu
<admin_access>radminnewmodule</admin_access> //table column name added to administrators table
<admin_group>Global</admin_group> //
<module_name>New Module Template</module_name> //main module name  for module manager administration page
<module_description>Template module for null nuke 1.3</module_description> //description for module manager administration page
<module_functions></module_functions> //included function files from the ./core/ directory/ - split multiple files with |
<module_config>config_module_name</module_config> //name of configuration file the module uses in ./admin/config/ directory
<module_theme>new_module_theme_include</module_theme> //name of theme file to include in the ./themes/*/modules/ directory
<module_css></module_css> //name of css file to use on module pages from ./themes/*/css/pages/ - split multiple files with |
<module_file>public_page</module_file> //this configuration files name in the ./modules/ directory
<module_cookie>new_module_cookie</module_cookie> //name of cookies to use in module  - split multiple files with |
<module_language>new_module_language_file</module_language> //language file module uses from ./language/*/modules/ directory, enable _DEBUG + _DEBUG_MODULE_LANG_FILE defined in mainfile.php to hightlight missing translate( "text" ) in yellow which are missing from the language files array
<module_search>0</module_search> //uses search.php, and automatically added to search blocks/tabs
<module_per_page></module_per_page> //column to add to the per_page table and managed on the administration configuration page

Parse configuration file in ./modules/ and create all cookies, includes functions/configs/css files

$COREINFO = $_SERVER['F_LIB'] ->  getmoduleinfo( "module_name.$phpEx" );

After a configuration has been loaded, a module define is set, which can be used throughout to pages to wrap code in

find new module define echodiv( end( $COREINFO ) ), based on the module config <admin_menu>, all none <module_database> modules are automaticaly inserted into the module database, if <module_database> has been changed you might need to delete the entry for the new MODULE_NEW_MODULE_TEMPLATE to work

isActive( MODULE_NEW_MODULE_TEMPLATE, true, true );

Contains an array of configuration values


To decode the cookie which has been created

$module_cookie = cookiedecode( 'new_module_cookie_1' );

To update and set cookies use

bakeCookie( $who, $info, $time = '', $destroy = FALSE, $encode = TRUE );

if code has been wrapped


    $_SERVER['F_LIB'] ->  getmoduleinfo( "module_name.$phpEx" );

    //saved in file new_module_function.php, and included if not already in the included files array