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v0.5 coming soon

Coming soon: Nullcraft PDK version 0.5.0!

New Features:
Web-based configuration almost complete (sheesh!).
Several bugs fixed. Non-programmers might
actually find some utility in this next version.

Upcoming features in 0.5.x (x>0):
CGI Plugin for executing scripts and binaries. It's been a long time in coming...
User info web-based admin screens.

Dreaming about v0.6 and beyond:
Re-Organizing the massive ~2000 lines of code in into several more pertainent files.
Actually develop some Modules for myself, not just
offer the environment for others to develop them. After
all, this started out as a platform for developing my other
sites, now I haven't even touched any of them this year.

Posted by Mark Howell 2001-07-12

Version 0.4 released

Version 0.4 of the Nullcraft Portal Development Kit has been released. Aside from various bug fixes, the only significant feature added is the ability for users to create their own pages. I'll be working alot in the next few weeks on it (contract job in Vegas).


Posted by Mark Howell 2001-06-16

Nullcraft Portal Development Kit v0.3 Released

Way too many feature enhancements to list here, but there is much better user management, many html enhancements to the example portal template, and alot of database enhancements. You have to actually register then log in to see most of the features, as the display is context-sensitive to transient users.
Give it a spin:

-Mark (still unemployed, so coding furiously)

Posted by Mark Howell 2001-06-07

Plenty of time to code while I'm unemployed..

Look for some added features in the days/weeks to come:
1. actual working registration page.
2. actual database persistence of layout changes.
3. I'm upgrading tomcat, I believe they have the RequestDispatcher bug fixed. Hence, no more HTTP 302 redirecting for my MVC implementation.
4. (Maybe a little later...) Web-based interface to setup modules.
5. (Maybe a little more later...) Actually integrate with some news sources and existing applications (that *is* the reason I made this thing), such as a java web-mail app, calendar, photo album, message board, B2B market exchange, etc..
6. Build the CGI processing plugin so that our C and Perl hacker friends can use this thing too.
7. Make the demo site more understandable. I evolved this site slowly as each new feature became complete. As a result, people can't even figure out what it does sometimes.
8. Learn how to effectively use CVS instead of RCS.
9. Get a job, preferably using these zaney mad J2EE skills.... read more

Posted by Mark Howell 2001-05-31

Project being migrated to SourceForge

The prototype was a success (, so now I'm out to make a first production version. I've decided to use the resources here at, as I appreciate what they offer the open source community. If anyone is interested in the kludge that is the prototype, send me an email, and I will make it available.

Posted by Mark Howell 2001-03-31