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Admin for PHPBB 1.4.0

Start to port administrative features for PHPBB 1.4.0 Integration. Hope to be completed within this week. Stay tuned.

Posted by Richard Tirtadji 2001-07-23

Admin Modular version BETA

Due to the need for the new PHPBB 1.4.0 I add additional features for the Admin scripts which allow developer to create their own admin function easily.

Posted by Richard Tirtadji 2001-07-22

PHPBB 1.4.0 Integration project

We are now starting the PHPBB 1.4.0 Integration project. I hope to establish a stable version soon. Then port it into modules!

Posted by Richard Tirtadji 2001-07-09

NukeAddOn CVS release

I just complete the first initial for allowing others to assist me with the development. So please sign up today and let me know your proposal.

Posted by Richard Tirtadji 2001-07-07