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NucOS / News: Recent posts

NucOS Kiwi in Alpha Bugfix

My goodness. Lots of e-mails. Must have been the memepool.com link. Whatever memepool.com is. (Don't bother e-mailing me that either I've already asked someone. Thanks :-D) Well, the Perl version is in Alpha bugfix now. I'm about to update the thingers to have a nucos and nucos_kiwi (the Perl 'inside' name for NucOS) packages. Well. Erm. I guess I'm just blown away at how much responce I'm getting after only being here 3 days. Without any previous coverage of ACOS. My goodness.

Posted by Jordan 2002-09-05

CGI version planned

Currently in the works is a CGI version of NucOS. This will be released as a demo of the software and will include only basic functions. Some programs, such as the electronic keyboard, LCM and GCF programs and obviously, the DOS shell, will be removed. Hopefully this will be up by next week. Check http://nucos.sourceforge.net/index.html for updates.

Posted by Jordan 2002-09-04

NucOS Released

NucOS was released yesterday, initially at http://not-named.net/nucos/index.html and now, today, at http://nucos.sourceforge.net/index.html . We are currently looking for programming language translators to translate the QBasic source to another language, like C or something. The beta files are up for release here and at the two other locations. Updates will be released ASAP.

Posted by Jordan 2002-09-04