>Thanks for sharing this information and going through all these details.
>Tobias Netzel also did port some parts of the m68k project to
>nubus-kernel. It can be found in HEAD of our CVS repository.
>(I am little bit short on time right now. I really should check our code
>based on your findings soon)
>Recently I came across lots of changes in nbpmac_m2.c while porting it
>to the 2.6 kernel. I do not know, which sources you were using as a
>base. For example see this diff, please:
>It shows all modifications done by Tobias to the original sources when
>the project came back to life...
>> I have pulled together as much code as i could from 68k ports,  
>> MkLinux and HURD, so if anyone needs it, lemme know.
>  Florian

Ah, I see.  It looks like all that code was based on the 68k project, which did not have a pic setup for the M2 class powerbooks, so it is missing some info.  Looks like you guys made some clever changes to get things to work!   Here is a link to where I uploaded some of the 'powermac M2' code for the powerbook 5300 and a few of the other relevant files from the old apple.mklinux server that was pulled down. If someone who is a better programmer than I am could take a look at it, that would be great:


it should have all the hardware info needed to get things working.  I am in the process of checking the addresses against some disassembled code, so if i can verify anything, I'll let everyone know... 

here are a few links to some other resources that I found to be useful:

(the project is completely unrelated to what we are doing here, but it includes a lot of code from apple with some relevant information like low memory locations and gestalt calls and other very low-level code for the macos kernel... check the other directories as well,but beware... 90% of the files are not helpful)

and here are some apple tech notes that are no longer on their server: