Hi Florian,

Thanks! I appreciate it; I was banging my head against the wall trying to get the compiled kernel to work, and I got nowhere fast. I was even invoking the assistance of the Linux Kernel Newbies IRC channel. The experts in the channel were at a loss to explain the problem.

The reason that I had mentioned about the _SDA_BASE not being defined in the symbol table for kernels I compiled was because I felt it signified that I was doing something different from the way the old toolchain had done it. Or, more specifically, I was doing something different that the way the pre-compiled kernels on SF had been compiled.


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Hi again,

Florian Boelstler wrote:
> Therefore I guess current state of CVS is broken,
> since the behavior is different from what I observed before I did update
> my cvs snapshot.

I hereby revert this assumption. My PB1400 also turns off itself, using
a kernel built against CVS tag linux-2_4_32.

Next test will be done using "Sarge-based" toolchain (or at least
earlier binutils).
I will try to do that during next week.



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