Hi there,

The PowerBook 500 is a:
540c upgraded with a Apple PPC card running at 100 (99) MHz
Active matrix display capable of thousands of colors (16 bit) at 640x400 resolution
40Mb ram (8Mb on processor upgrade card + 32Mb ram module)
19.9 Global Village internal modem

The rest is all on spec

I tried MachKernel-2.4.30-pre1-bk-PB1 and MachKernel-2.4.30-pre1-bk, both these stoped not at MMU:mapin ram done but it starts writing at the top of the screen again with the folowing:

---------------------TOP OF SCREEN-----------------
MMU: setio
MMU: exit
setup_arch: enter
setup_arch: bootmem
arch: exit
"Writes one blank line"
"Writes second blank line and stops"

The other kernel I tried is MachKernel-YDL30-030623, this one gets along further to the kernel panic discribed in my original post

I have a powermac 9600 (Running OS 9.1 and 10.4.5 at the present) that I can connect to the Modem/Printer Port of the PowerBook just tell me what I nead to do.

Tried BootX and the screen just goes black and nothing happens.


Carlos Castro

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Hola Carlos,

I read the Apple Developer Note for the PowerBook 500.

It is indeed nearly the same machine as the PowerBook 2300.

What is the exact type of your PB500 and what expansions does it have?

And as you already got a nearly successful bootup I think it will be

possible to get it working.

What kernel image did you use exactly?

I could easily disable the IDE driver in the kernel sources but I'd like to

have the kernel automatically not loading it because it can determine what

type of machine it is running on.

It would be *VERY* helpful and might even be necessary that you connect

another macintosh or whatever computer to the serial port and tell the

kernel to redirect the output to the serial port.

Do you have got the possibility to connect your PB to another computer via a

serial connection?