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1.0.1 Release Built

Fixed a problem where if the image file size was less than the diskette capacity it would fail.

Posted by Blake Ramsdell 2001-04-21

1.0 Release Built

I built release 1.0, and I think that's pretty much it. No reported bugs exist, so have at it. Let me know if anything bad happens, but as they say "it's too simple to fail". Then again, "anything that can go wrong will".

Posted by Blake Ramsdell 2001-03-02

Added a survey

Man, I am the SourceForge master. I added a survey so that you can complain about whether or not you like NTRawrite or not. I might even tick the version to 1.0, since we've had a few hundred downloads and no complaints.

Posted by Blake Ramsdell 2000-11-28

0.9.1 Release Built

I built 0.9.1, which will probably be the last release before 1.0. It is now command-line compatible with Rawrite (for better or worse).

Posted by Blake Ramsdell 2000-02-24

0.9 Release Built

I got the code submitted and built a .9 release. So there. It's almost ready to go, with a couple of incompatibilities with the existing Rawrite (for instance, I don't prompt for the filename or floppy drive).

Posted by Blake Ramsdell 2000-02-22

SourceForge project created, need SSH

OK, the SourceForge project is created, I just have to find a version of SSH1 that runs under Win2K to check in the files. The F-Secure stuff had better be compatible with CVS. And no sassing about getting a "real" operating system. I have Linux on another box, but I wanted to use Win2K tools to check in NTRawrite, since it is a Windows utility.

Posted by Blake Ramsdell 2000-02-21