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NStats v1.1.117 Released

This version is a maintenance and bug fix release of NStats.

I have enhanced the way in which NStats handles nodes on the receiving end of an Nstats multicast, also fixed a few minor bugs. One was in not updating the timestamp properly, also NStats now deletes expired nodes at [remote interval * 2] properly. That was a code typo on my part.

Posted by John Peterson 2002-12-24

NStats v1.1.111 Released

Goofy release number but ah well. This version fixes some bugs but introduces a new feature. Which I think is kind of exciting.

Nstats now uses the MCast Protocol to tell other NStats clients [well anyone listening on itz MCast address] about itself. This information is used by other NStats Daemons to provide a centralized list of other NStats Daemon nodes on the network.

This feature can be turned on and off and configured in numerous ways (see misc.cnf file). Some people may consider this a security problem if you do I suggest you set the MCast_Enabled to NO in misc.cfg before running NStats.

Posted by John Peterson 2002-12-24

NStats 1.1.98 Released

This version of NStats brings true Multicast support to NStats. It should no properly support any multicast traffic on your network.

Posted by John Peterson 2002-12-16

NStats 1.1.96 Released

This release includes greater SMB support as well as NBNS support/decoding. As I said in the previous news update I decided against full SMB packet decoding for NStats. I may eventually write an addon that supports full packet decoding I didn't think it was "appropriate" for NStats.

This release also fixes a bug that caused misc.cfg to not be properly parsed.

Posted by John Peterson 2002-12-15

Next NStats

Further SMB and NetBIOS decoding will be supported. NetBIOS session requests and session responses will be supported in the next version. Also increased NetBIOS name resolution support will be added.

NStats will maintain a smallish lookup table of NetBIOS names to IP address lookups internally allowing it to more rapidly identify Windows computers on the network. These updates to the NetBIOS name to IP address will occure faster then what is currently in the latest NStats release.... read more

Posted by John Peterson 2002-12-13

NStats 1.1.92 Released

NStats 1.1.92 is now available for download. New in this release is more SMB packet decoding. NStats now fully decodes the MAILSLOT protocol used in browser elections that occure on all Windows based networks.

Also fix an incorrect description in the admin interface, and added some more box stats to the admin interface.

Updated the readme.txt file to include the admin login/password information and updated it a bit for the new version of NStats and provided more information of obtaining WinPCap to get the proper version.

Posted by John Peterson 2002-12-10

NStats 1.1.90 Released

This is to announce the lastest build of NStats. This version does not includ all of the features I had wanted however I hadn't made a release in a few weeks and wanted to get this out the door.

What's new in this version is the WebUI admin interface. It's fully functional. The default password for the WebUI is: admin however I suggest you change it if you decide to use the interface.

There will be another release soon including some more of the features I have discussed previously. Hope you enjoy this next release in NStats.

Posted by John Peterson 2002-12-08

Next version woes

Okay I have been swamped at work lately so I haven't had a lot of time to work on NStats since before Thanksgiving here in the states.

Let me tell you where it's at, so you'll have some ideas of what's going on.

1) Admin interface is 50 percet complete. Right now you can add and remove users and change passwords. It's the most time consuming programming, the rest shouldn't take to long to write.
2) I wrote some CRC16 code to test incoming packets for correct CRC's. This means I can now detect corrupt packets and flag them.
3) The Remote -> Local, Local -> remote and Local -> Local code for displaying packet info is sort of in limbo. I have about 10% of that written.
4) I want to write a traffic matrix like in NTop but I haven't yet thought of a good way to do that so at the moment it's missing entirely. If anyone has any ideas let me know.
5) I want to in this version also expand on NStats's understanding of an SMB (Windows) packet. Also I want it to be able to find the PDC and SDC in a Windows network as well as fileservers if this is possible. I haven't even gotten around to coding this. However, it should be in either 1.1.90 or a version shortly after because most of that is not very difficult.
6) My documentation is so far behind now due to a) my total hatred for writing docs and b) no time. So I haven't yet gotten anything useful to our doc guy. My bad. That's coming to, soon I promise.

Posted by John Peterson 2002-12-04

Next Release Soon

I've been a bit busy with thanksgiving and other such seasonal things so I haven't had as much time to work on NStats as I would like. But let me bring you up to date on what's in store for the next release.

Admin console should be in and ready to roll for the next release. In fact I'm writing the code to support that now. Features in the Admin console will be: Add/Remove users from admin privs, Enable, Disable, Install and Uninstall addons. The install/uninstall may not be available straight away however. Also will be configuration editing and running figuration changes. These are what are initially planned for the first Admin console.... read more

Posted by John Peterson 2002-12-02

New Project Member

I'd like to take this opportunity to announce that NStats has a new project member his name is Anthony McConnell-Collins and he will be in charge of all documentation on the NStats project.

We are still looking for testers for NStats if you have Windows 9x or NT/2000/XP and would like to be a tester and bug reporter for the project please contact me.

Welcome aboard Anthony glad to have you on the project.

Posted by John Peterson 2002-11-25

NStats v1.1.86 Released

The next version of NStats is here. Version 1.1.86 now includes support for Windows NT/2000 and XP service support. You can now run NStats as a service on any Win32 platform that supports service.

I've been working on documentation for how to write addons which I will be handing over to our new Documentation person Anthony McConnel-Collins as soon as I have it somewhere close to finished for his review and improvements and distribution.... read more

Posted by John Peterson 2002-11-25

NStats v1.1.80 Released

This is the newest version of NStats. I made a couple speed tweaks in the code and improved a few UI things. But mostly this release is a missing file dependancy update.

When I fixed the packet bug that plagued all previous version (I swear I thought I did it right!) I forgot to include a .DLL that the hi-res timers are dependant on so the packet queue was filling up and the hosts section wasn't being updated because the packets weren't being pulled out of the queue. Well that's fixed now unfortunately it makes the package bigger because I also added a few DLLs I intend to use in the future as well so I won't have these silly dep problems.... read more

Posted by John Peterson 2002-11-16