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NST 2.16 WUI connect fails to

  • Dave

    Given: IBM T43, NST 2.16 Live DVD installed to full HDD
    System boots to console or X / Gnome normally.
    New username and pw. No added configs. Java ok. FF boots default to

    Firefox comes up fine ...but, refuses to establish connection to server at

    This is a fresh 'out of the box' system, so what else needs to be configured?
    I find zero help anywhere on the web about this condition.

    Thanks for any help.

  • Dave

    Ok. Stumbled across a similar reference that suggested the httpd needed to be either started or restarted.

    > sudo service httpd restart

    This worked but I've seen no clue as to why it was necessary for a fresh, clean install.
    Go figure....

  • My guess is that you did not run the nstpasswd script after installation.

    After a hard disk installation or during a live boot, we no longer start the sshd or httpd services until you set a new password for the system.

    The first time you run the nstpasswd command to reset many passwords, it will enable both the httpd and sshd services for you (in addition to updating many password entries).

    In the next release we will try to include a icon on the desktop to remind users that they need to set the system password.

    In any case, I'm glad you figured out another method to start your service, however I would still recommend that you run nstpasswd to make sure you aren't leaving any default passwords lying around on your system.