HP DL360 G5 RAID Problem

  • John


    I am attempting to install 2.13.0 on an HP DL360 G5 with RAID and it is not detecting the disks.  I am able to see the disks and create partitions with fdisk, but then the installer doesn't see the drives.  I found much older threads with people with similar problems, but the resolutions to the problem do not seem to correlate with this version.

    Any suggestions?


  • We use Fedora's anaconda package when doing the hard disk installation. It sounds to me like anaconda is not detecting your hard disk drives - which does seem strange based on the fact that you can use fdisk to partition them with.

    We do provide a custom template file (known as a kickstart file) to anaconda when performing the hard disk installation.

    I'm not sure if this will help you or not, but you could try the following:

    1. Generate a kickstart file using the nstliveinst script (the following should not actually perform the installation). You can use other command line options to change the template generated:

    nstliveinst -m template -nuke sda -interactive false -passwd nst2003 >| custom.ks

    2. Review and edit the template file generated - in particular, modify the parameters which tell anaconda about the disk to use (don't leave the default values created by the "-nuke sda" option unless you want to wipe the entire disk). Look for the lines: "zerombr", "clearpart -initlabel -all -drives=sda", "autopart" and replace as necessary. For more information on what can be in a kickstart file, check: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/Kickstart.

    vim custom.ks

    3. Run the installation using the modified kickstart file:

    nstliveinst -kickstart custom.ks

    Not sure if this will help, but maybe if you specify the partition setup in the template file it will help anaconda get past the point you are currently stuck at.

    Good Luck,