ignore.ko mod missing during NSTHDINSTALL

  • Srushing

    I am trying a hd install on a basic PIII with 20gb IDE hd from an IDE CDROM. I get the 'missing ignore.ko'  message everytime I try the install, no matter what options I choose and the install fails. I searched the CD and the ignore.ko file is not on it at all. This is NST 1.20.

    Any ideas?


    • Could you run the following two commands on your NST probe and post the results back here?

        kudzu -p -s -c ide

        kudzu -p -s -c scsi

      It sounds like I'm somehow detecting that a "ignore.ko" module is required on your system.

      I'm concerned that the auto-scanning for drivers is failing on your system. If your system doesn't need any special modules, you might be able to get around this by adding:

        --modules scsi_mod

      To your invocation of nsthdinstall.

      Let me know how you make out.


    • Srushing

      [root@probe server]# kudzu -p -s -c ide
      class: IDE
      bus: PCI
      detached: 0
      driver: ignore
      desc: "VIA Technologies|VT82C586A/B/VT82C686/A/B/VT823x/A/C PIPC Bus Master IDE"
      vendorId: 1106
      deviceId: 0571
      subVendorId: 1106
      subDeviceId: 0571
      pciType: 1
      pcidom:    0
      pcibus:  0
      pcidev:  7
      pcifn:  1

      KUDZU for SCSI was blank.

      Adding scsi_mod did the trick!

      Pardon my ignorance, but since I don't have a SCSI controller, why was that needed?



      • You don't really need the scsi_mod loaded.

        I had you add it simply to prevent the script from trying to scan for necessary modules and thinking it had to install "ignore.ko".

        It is apparently a bug in the nsthdinstall script (in the way it tries to auto detect the necessary modules). I will see if I can replicate your situation so that I can reproduce the problem and then fix it.


    • cryblood

      I had this same problem, also with a via chipset's IDE driver.  I used    --modules none to get nst installed on my system.

    • You are correct, using the "--modules none" option prevents the script from trying to guess at what modules are required (and works on most IDE systems). This is a better solution (and actually in the long help) than installing an unneeded module.

      I will update the nsthdinstall script for the 1.2.1 release to check for kudzu reporting either "none" OR "ignore", so this will hopefully not be a problem in future releases.

      I will also add an entry to the FAQ in regards to this issue.