NetworkManager vs network service

  • 4evernoob

    Ever since NetworkManager showed up I have been disabling it and enabling network service. Can't do that now or at least not the way I have in the past with ifcfg scripts an tweaking udev conf rules. None of this seems to work now or be available in NST. I'm primarily a Centos kind of ixer and have not been tracking the evolution of NetworkManager but last I read about it made me think it was good for laptops but not so good for a static type of setup like server, firewall etc. I would like to use the network service instead of NM so how should I proceed?

  • Starting with Fedora 15 (which NST is based off of) Service control is now performed by systemd. So to do what you want use the following:

    systemctl disable NetworkManager.service;

    systemctl enable network.service;

    Make sure you configure you interfaces that you want enabled  in directory: "/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts".

    Reboot and the network service will be in control of configuring your network interfaces and NetworkManager will be disabled…