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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Labels Priority
73 AudioIoRt: Create real-time capture & playback object None new 5  
72 AudioPlaybackRt: On construction open stream, keep open until destruction None new 5  
68 Refactor filters None new 5  
67 refactor mesh2d & meshjunction None new 5  
64 Refactor setup.py and add Nsound to PyPi None new pypi, python, setup.py 2  
63 Add 'classic' filters with resonance control None new feature request, resonant filter 3  
62 GeneratorDecay: doxygen fails on LaTeX formula None new 5  
59 add constructors and operator>> between Buffer and std::vector None new 5  
58 Xcode: add project fijles None new enhancement 5  
57 user guide: add some Spectrogram examples None new docs 5  
56 Wavefile: use std::ifstream and open in BINARY mode None new enhancement 5  
54 unit tests: convert to boost unit test framework and Python unittest framework None new enhancement 5  
52 Python module: constrution Buffers & AudioStreams from Numpy arrays None new enhancement 3  
51 Plotter: make all methods staic or remove static from show() None new enhancement 5  
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