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#65 Inconsistent behaviour in passing traffic to agents

ns-2 (62)
Lloyd Wood

Using ns-2.34. The attachment contains a number of very simple scripts I wrote to test out an exponential traffic generator creating messages and
passing them to various transports to deliver.

Can the transports deliver a 799 byte message correctly, when their MTU is set to 500 bytes?

UDP splits the 799 bytes correctly into 500 bytes and 299 bytes, but neglects its own header overhead in the process.

One-way TCP seems to remember the header overhead, but every packet generated is the default MTU length, so it's padding out the message.

FullTcp seems to do the right thing, including header overheads.

Behaviour in other agents should be consistent with FullTcp.

I couldn't get SCTP to work, hitting a bug previously reported in 2005. Opened a separate bug on that.